David Zid is a graduate of the Ohio State University and has been a professional fitness instructor in Columbus, Ohio since 1997.  Certified through ACE and APG as a personal trainer and functional fitness trainer, respectively, he is the owner and president of David Zid HealthWorks, a personal training company that he started in 1999.  As an energetic coach for hundreds of clients and other personal trainers, he has developed a special interest in the older adult client, and now the Parkinson’s client.  He is currently the Director for Movement Disorders and Musculoskeletal Wellness at OhioHealth Delay the Disease.

His focus on Parkinson’s disease clients has been very rewarding.  Currently, he values the time he spends as the leader and creator of Delay the Disease—group exercise classes specifically designed for people with Parkinson’s disease.  He is the author of the book and corresponding DVD Delay the Disease – Exercise and Parkinson’s Disease. His newest book/DVD Delay the Disease – Functional Fitness for Parkinson’s are short exercise agendas that are based on a functional task that may be challenging to the Parkinson’s individual (i.e., freezing, getting out of the car, getting out of bed, getting off the floor).

David also participated in the creation of an instructional certification course for Delay the Disease, targeting healthcare professionals.  It is an evidenced-based program with detailed information on starting a community-based Parkinson’s-specific exercise program, as well as a “train the trainer” component that instructs techniques for teaching and creating the exercise programs.

David has an ongoing interest in Parkinson’s research and has recently published a study in Parkinsonism and Related Disorders entitled, “Effects of a formal exercise program on Parkinson’s disease: A pilot study using a delayed start design.” Additional information about David’s work with Parkinson’s patients is available on the Delay the Disease website at www.delaythedisease.com.